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LICENCECHECK making sure your employees are fit to drive for your business

I am sure you are aware that your company now has a Duty of Care to check your employee’s driver’s licences at least every twelve months under the Health and Safety Act. But, were you aware that merely visually checking the driving licence is no guarantee that you will be immune from prosecution should your employee commit an offence, or be involved in an accident?

Don’t assume you aren’t at risk

Research undertaken by the Department of Transport into unlicensed driving found that the time spent by unlicensed drivers on the road is significant, presents a danger to themselves and other road users. Thus it is essential that if your company expects your employees to drive company or their own vehicles on company business, you need to ensure that employee driver checks are an essential part of your risk assessment policy. You are at risk of prosecution if you do not have a pro-active system of driver licence checking integrated in this policy.

Don’t fall into traps

Many problems arise as companies often fall into the trap that they believe they have satisfied their legal requirements by visually inspecting their employee’s driving licences. This is not the case. Additionally, and to compound the problem, virtually no UK company has in their possession, or access to, the latest driver record held by the licence authority such as the DVLA. Therefore they are not aware, although it is their legal responsibility, of their true employees or workers driving licence status, such as:

  • Endorsements codes
  • Penalty points
  • Driving convictions
  • Category code entitlements and expiry dates
  • Vocational medical renewal dates
  • Photo card & licence renewal dates etc.

It is your responsibility to ensure that these details are correct

We are sure that this situation has arisen at your company, and that it has proved problematic for you to ensure that your driver’s details are accurate; but now there is a solution at hand that is:

  • Quick
  • Cost effective
  • Accurate
  • DVLA recognised
  • Protects you

This driving licence checking solution will enable you to fulfil your obligations very simply and cost effectively:

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